Brexit Direction (credit Pixabay)20th February 2019, Charles Darwin House, London

We had a superb day in London finding out what Brexit will mean for early career researchers, during which the changes to scientific funding, to migration policy, to substantial parts of UK environmental policy were all covered. Huge thanks to our speakers Georgina Mace, Charlotte Burns and Brendan Costelloe for setting up the discussions so well, and also to a truly fantastic bunch of attendees for really getting stuck in to some of the issues. If you didn’t make it along then catch up on the debate via the Twitter hashtag #ECRsChatBrexit, or check out some of blog pieces below:

Kate Howlett’s BES Policy Blog piece, in which she tackles some of the main themes of the day in more detail:

Andy Suggitt’s Science column, covering the careers angle:

Lydia Cole on un-CAPping UK agricultural policy post-Brexit:

And Kate Howlett (again!) with a write up on the overall happenings of the day, elsewhere on this website:

Andy Suggitt and the Conservation Ecology SIG team

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