Kasia driving her trusty Fiat Uno on fieldwork around the Transamazon Highway

Kasia is an interdisciplinary conservation scientist. Her interests lie at the nexus between social and ecological sciences, with the aim of improving biodiversity conservation to benefit both people and nature. Having begun her academic journey with a BSc in Biology with Hons. in Zoology from Edinburgh University, she then did an interdisciplinary MSc in conservation science at Oxford University and later completed a doctorate at Lancaster University. In her PhD, she studied psychological connection with nature and values among farmers in the Brazilian Amazon, questioning entrenched beliefs about the origin and importance of intrinsic caring for nature as a motivation for conserving biodiversity. Currently, she’s working as a postdoc at Anglia Ruskin University, studying the perceived impacts of rewilding on farmers in the UK. A native of Poland, she has experience working in temperate and tropical environments in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa. Her mini-superpower involves learning new languages fast and in her free time she enjoys (with varying level of success) drawing, swing dancing, lino-cutting, photography, and all sorts of nature-based activities.

Twitter: @KasiaMiko